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Your website is your online business card. It markets your business 24/7, even while you're asleep! Shouldn't your website represent your company in a way that is professional and unique to your brand message? 

Fully Responsive Website Design

People are on the go and taking the Internet with them. That means your website must be functional on any size screen, from a desktop monitor to a smartphone. We create websites using the latest responsive designs that will easily modify their layouts to fit any size screen, thus ensuring a positive visitor experience no matter how they choose to view your site. Technically speaking, responsive design technology includes flexible grids, flexible images, and other flexible media that adjusts pages and content according to the device being used. 

We offer customized website design services tailored to your budget and your goals. All of our website are responsive, which means they look great on desktop, mobile and tablet devices. Contact us today for a free website design example. 

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Engaging, Customized Website Design

Let our creative team design a website that is aesthetically pleasing, easy to use and optimized for converting website visitors into paying customers. After all, your website should do more than simply "look pretty". It should help grow your business!

Customers want to visit websites that are not only user friendly, but also visually appealing, and many customers will judge a company solely based on what their website looks like. We achieve this website likability by taking your message and translating it into written content and visual images that customers will love, all the while keeping in mind brand guidelines for a uniform experience. 

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What makes a great mobile website experience?

For your tech savvy customers and clients on the go, having a mobile version of your website designed for the quick look and small screen could be the difference between being noticed and being overlooked. While we recommend responsive websites, if a website redesign is out of your budget, you should at least have a mobile version of your website ( has a smart phone and as technology improves, smart phones have replaced the YellowPages and mobile GPS. This begs the question, what makes a great mobile website experience?

Redirecting to the Mobile Website

Nothing is worse for a mobile user than trying to visit a regular sized website on a smart phone. Unless your website is responsive, customers or clients who reach your regular page URL on a mobile browser need to be immediately redirected to a mobile version. What makes a great mobile website experience is accessing the mobile site and getting the information you need in an optimized format that is both relevant and easy to see and use.

A Great Mobile Home Page

Your mobile website should be more than just a small version of your regular website. It should be designed to attract the attention of the mobile user and provide them with quick solutions to their immediate needs. This means information like your contact information, phone number, address and other pertinent information should be up front and a click away. Features like: call us, maps, find a store or coupons should be easy to find. Push button links should be displayed large enough to push on a smart phone. Besides having the right information on your front page, it should load quickly, be easy to access and look appealing.

When you are considering what to include on your mobile website, you can choose to either include all the information on your original website or you can downsize the articles and information to include quick reads and easy access. Customers and clients on the go often don’t have the time or attention to read lengthy articles. You can also include helpful areas where customers and clients can get reviews and ratings that allow them to make a purchase on the spot. This may include how to segments that relate to purchasing a product. Videos and entertaining content will capture your audience and produce results. Your mobile web designer should understand who your target audience is and make the most of that knowledge with relevant information and website function.

What makes a great mobile website experience? Fast, effective content that provides the user with the information they want when they want it and right at their fingertips. It should be easy to access, easy to see, relevant, entertaining and say “choose me”. It should also include information that your client is interested in. Information that will enable them to make a clear decision or answer a question they have. This should be presented in clear and concise form with a button to view the full article or the full site if they want to know more. 

 We understand the mobile website experience and can help you decide between a separate mobile website and a responsive website design. Both have pros and cons, but either way you go, you're going to be much better off than not having a mobile-friendly website at all. 
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