Hate My SEO Company

Hate your SEO company?

I'll bet we can guess why...
#1. They Made Outlandish Promises, But You Haven't Seen Squat.
They got you all hyped up about how much business you're going to get and how you're going to rank #1 on Google. Now, you hardly hear from them and if you do, they make nothing but excuses for why your business isn't growing.

#2. Your Search on Google or Bing and You're Nowhere To Be Found, Yet The Reports Your SEO Company Send You Shows "Incredible" Numbers.
Your SEO company isn't being transparent. They're distracting you by showing high traffic to your website, but you're still not ranking well on Google or Bing and your sales haven't increased. 

#3. They Locked You Into A Long-Term Contract
If they really believed their service worked, they wouldn't have to force you to stay for 6-12+ months. A good SEO company keeps their clients by providing results, not locking them in.

#4. They are working with your competitors too.
They're cheating on you! Sure, they do your marketing, but they're also working for 3 of your competitors in town. There's only ONE #1 position on Google and Bing. Who does your SEO company work harder for? Whoever pays the most? On top of that, you have the exact same strategy as you competitor. That's a recipe for disaster.
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What Makes Us Different?

We're transparent. We're not here to trick you or hide anything. We'll explain to you in plain English exactly how our SEO services are driving business for you. We'll give you the good, the bad and the ugly. 

We'll never lock you into a long-term contract. If we don't grow your business, we expect you to fire us. We keep our clients by providing real results (and the only real result is sales growth).

We provide exclusive services. 
We work with one client per industry per city. Period.

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